October 3, 2023

Lumenova AI: A Proud Addition to the OECD.AI Database

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey – Lumenova AI has been included in OECD.AI’s Trustworthy AI Tools Catalog.

This recognition underscores our steadfast commitment to fostering responsible AI practices and providing invaluable support to organizations across diverse industries.

Meet OECD.AI and Its Mission

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s AI Policy Observatory (OECD.AI) is a critical platform where governments and stakeholders from all corners of the globe collaborate to translate the OECD AI Principles into actionable policies and practices.

Serving as a global hub for AI policy, OECD.AI offers accessible tools, data, and resources to various actors in both developed and developing countries.

At the core of OECD.AI’s endeavors lies its Network of Experts, an assembly of over 250 AI specialists worldwide. These experts play a pivotal role in shaping policies that address emerging AI challenges and opportunities through a collaborative, multi stakeholder approach.

Lumenova AI’s inclusion in the OECD.AI Ethical AI database is a testament to our dedication to promoting responsible AI practices.

Meet Lumenova AI

We at Lumenova AI firmly believe in the tremendous potential of AI while also recognizing the significance of responsible AI practices.

From day one, our goal was to assist organizations like yours in automating, simplifying, and streamlining their entire AI governance process, making AI adoption a more seamless and efficient journey.

Our Risk Management platform offers a unique set of features tailored to support organizations in their Responsible AI journey:

💡 Versatile Policy Hub: We offer the flexibility to choose from ready-made AI frameworks or create your own from scratch, tailoring AI policies to your unique needs.

📊 In-Depth Technical Evaluations: Our AI Risk Management platform includes proprietary technical assessments linked to requirements and controls, simplifying the process of evaluating the technical aspects of your AI systems and their alignment with risk management.

🛡️ Holistic Risk Management: Lumenova AI’s Risk Management Platform equips you with user-friendly dashboards for real-time assessment, prioritization, and mitigation of AI-related risks, ensuring comprehensive protection.

🏢 Unified Asset Repository: Our AI Risk Management platform serves as a centralized repository for all your AI assets, providing a comprehensive view of your AI resources and their ethical implications, streamlining management.

🌐 Organization-Wide Monitoring: In addition, we offer an enterprise-wide console for real-time monitoring of AI models, empowering you to proactively ensure ethical AI practices across your organization.

And for an extra benefit: 🚀 Lumenova AI is well-equipped to manage Generative AI models, ensuring their secure, ethical, and risk-aware utilization within the dynamic AI landscape.

Empowering Your Organization with Lumenova AI

LLumenova AI is dedicated to supporting enterprises in all stages of their Responsible AI journey.

Whether your organization operates in healthcare, government, financial services, or any other sector, our AI Risk Management platform offers comprehensive support to drive successful business transformation.

We’re enthusiastic about a future where ethics seamlessly integrate with AI innovation, and if you’re sharing our views, we’d love to show you how Lumenova AI works. Get in touch with us!

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