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Lumenova AI provides essential tools to help organizations comply with NYC Local Law 144, ensuring fair and unbiased use of automated decision-making tools in employment processes.
  • AI Bias Audit Facilitation: Perform comprehensive audits to ensure your ADMTs are bias-free.
  • Automated Compliance Alerts: Receive updates on new regulations and compliance deadlines.
  • Transparent Reporting Tools: Easily generate and publish audit results and compliance statuses.
  • Guided Implementation: Get expert support to integrate these tools seamlessly into your hiring practices.

NYC Local Law 144

Automated decision-making tools (ADMTs) have become widely used due to their ability to streamline and enhance human decision-making processes across different domains and sectors. However, as these technologies are most useful in high-stakes and consequential decision-making contexts, it is important to establish regulatory safeguards that prevent potential bias or discrimination while holding key actors accountable. NYC Law No. 144, which became effective in January 2023, is an example of such legislation.
It is worth noting that many more legislations of this nature, such as NYC AI law, are currently under development throughout the US, and their frequency will only increase as ADMTs become more widely adopted. Fortunately, Lumenova AI’s platform can help you navigate the regulatory maze with ease and efficiency.
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Key Areas Covered by
NYC Local Law 144

NYC Law No. 144 aims to hold employers accountable for their use of ADMTs while protecting prospective job applicants and current employees from the adverse impacts they may generate, which most commonly take the form of bias and/or discrimination.
Implementing AI in hiring and other employment practices can be beneficial if done correctly and in compliance with regulations like NYC Law 144.
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Under NYC Law No. 144, employers must subject their ADMTs to a bias audit, conducted by an independent specialist, to evaluate whether the tool can promote or sustain discriminatory decision outcomes. Such audits must be conducted one year before the tool is used and their results must be made publicly available via the employer’s website.
When ADMTs are leveraged for applicant screening procedures, employers must:
  • Notify applicants of their use within 10 days of the tool being used.
  • Provide applicants with the option to request a different screening procedure.
  • Provide an explanation of the tool’s assessment criteria to applicants within 10 days of the tool being used.
  • Prospective candidates and current employees can request training data, data lineage, and data retention policy information. This must be provided within 30 days of a written request.
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Violations of NYC Law No. 144 can incur penalties, which are gauged on a day-by-day basis. For example, two identical violations that occur on separate days won’t equate to one penalty, but rather, two separate penalties, each of which corresponds with the day of the initial violation. Moreover, if an employer doesn’t notify prospective applicants or current employees of violations when they occur, this also constitutes a violation.
For the first violation, a penalty of $500 will be administered, and any violations that occur on the same day as the first violation will also receive a maximum penalty of $500. Subsequent violations will result in penalties ranging between a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,500.
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Enhancing ADMT Compliance with Lumenova AI

With Lumenova AI, ensure your ADMTs are not just compliant but are a benchmark for fair hiring practices and transparency in employment operations:
  • Advanced Monitoring Tools: Use state-of-the-art technology to track and optimize ADMT performance.
  • Customizable Compliance Frameworks: Tailor your compliance strategies to fit specific organizational needs and legal requirements.
  • Expert Support: Access our pool of compliance and technical experts for continual guidance.
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