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Lumenova AI provides an advanced AI governance platform tailored specifically for the telecommunications industry. Our platform is designed to help telecom companies manage AI risks, ensure compliance, and promote responsible AI adoption. By leveraging our comprehensive tools for AI governance and risk mitigation, telecom companies can optimize network performance, enhance customer experience, and ensure regulatory compliance.
By using the Lumenova AI platform, our clients can achieve greater compliance, regulation, and risk mitigation for their AI-driven innovations, such as:
  • AI-Powered Network Optimization: Efficient and effective network management and resource allocation.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: Data-driven insights for personalized and proactive customer service.
  • Network Security: Real-time threat detection and mitigation through AI-powered security solutions.

Lumenova AI Services for

**Lumenova AI empowers telecommunications companies with robust AI governance tools that ensure ethical, transparent, and compliant AI operations. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, helping you manage AI risks, comply with regulations, and build trust with customers and stakeholders.
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Risk & Compliance Frameworks

Purpose-built to manage the risk and compliance of AI models, Lumenova provides a library of pre-built, customizable AI frameworks based on major regulatory and industry standards.
  • Detect and track AI risk with 360 visibility on your AI models.
  • Ensure up-to-date compliance with regulations and industry standards.
  • Stay on top of AI regulations and take a proactive approach to managing AI risk and compliance.
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Technical Evaluation Engine

Our evaluation module enables you to perform the technical assessment of your AI models based on 5 key risk verticals: Fairness, Explainability & Interpretability, Validity & Reliability, Security & Resilience and Data Integrity.
  • Understand how your AI works to optimize, improve, and future-proof your model
  • Extensive technical tests integrated directly into the risk management process
  • Choose from 25+ pre-developed test templates with configurable parameters
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Monitoring & Improvement Platform

AI requires dynamic safeguards, and Lumenova enables continuous monitoring and improvement of AI models.
Evaluating model performance over time, taking a proactive stance to risk mitigation, and adjusting for data, model, or framework drift.
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Why Choose Lumenova AI for

  • Expertise in AI Technologies: Proven track record in telecommunications innovations.
  • Comprehensive Risk Management: Advanced tools for ensuring network security and data privacy.
  • Trustworthy AI to promote enterprise-wide transparency and accountability.
  • End-to-End Support: From strategy to implementation, we assist in every step of your Responsible AI journey.
  • Custom Solutions: We develop internal policies and frameworks tailored to your business needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Navigate the complex regulatory landscape with our team of consultants and ML engineers.
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